About Vocal Score

February 2013

The beginning …

When Cassie and Selwyn Tillett moved from South London to Norfolk in 2005, one of the hardest things to leave behind was their musical work with Chimes Musical Theatre. They had built up a large network of musical colleagues over many years, and had raised a great deal of money for many charities, while at the same time giving their colleagues the opportunity to enjoy the discovery of new repertoire and partnerships.

It soon became clear that they would not take long to create an equivalent group in Norfolk, and so Vocal Score was born. It does not, and was never intended to, replace or recreate the work of Chimes: the vocal styles, personalities, repertoire and strengths of all performers, in London and in East Anglia, are unique. However, the two groups do have a certain amount in common: a shared love of entertainment, chances to learn and develop and share, and 'rehearsal' evenings which are as full of food, drink and hilarity as they are of music.

The concerts

We continue to support local charities and voluntary causes with our work. For details of past and future concerts, click here.

The performers

Our first Vocal Score performers were Rachel Duffield and Martyn Shults. These fine singers are well known to Norfolk audiences through their work with The Upper Octave, which also provides fund-raising shows for local charities.

Through our work at the Maddermarket and the Sewell Barn, both popular amateur theatrical companies in Norwich, we soon came to meet more performers. This was especially true of our opportunity to direct The Shakespeare Revue at the Sewell Barn Theatre in February 2011, and from that cast we recruited more singers, equally generous with their time and talents. You can read more about each performer here, together with information about some very special guests from much further afield than Norfolk!

The future

Having once more established a developing network of fine performers, we are delighted to take opportunities wherever we can to use our skills to benefit charities and similar organisations. We hope that our standards are professional while our time and skills are 'amateur' in the original sense of the word - that is, given for love of what we do.


If you would like to come to see a concert, or are interested in booking Vocal Score for your own charitable event, please visit Cassie's business contact page for details of how to get in touch.

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